I've been eating the 6 pack of frozen Dreyer's Fruit Bars - Grape flavor for about 6 months now. All of a sudden, last week I noticed that they tasted very watered down.

I called corporate headquarters and they claim they have not changed their formula and offered me a replacement coupon. I asked what I should do if the next box is similarly watered down? They said call again and they will provide another replacement coupon ad nauseum. Therefore, that's exactly what I will do, but I'd rather that not be my experience because I preferred the way they tasted before they were watered down.

Perhaps Dreyer's has stealthily (without notice and without admitting it to consumers who have made note of the change) increased the water level in their fruit bar formula for the grape bars. Perhaps they are willing to provide replacement coupons to the few customers who bother to notice and make a call to corporate headquarters, and are hopeful that it is not noticed by the majority of consumers so they can get away with charging the same dollar amount for a less potent product. We'll see what happens with the next box I buy.

I will try from a different store to see if it makes a difference. What has YOUR experience been with these?

Monetary Loss: $4.

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